Before you rejoice, get excited associate degreed place associate degree order staring at an impressive deal for your favorite iPhone on one among India’s most well-liked e-commerce websites, make sure you scroll through all the photographs on the image deck, because it may be a refurbished unit or “renewed” as Amazon puts it.

Apple has been lobbying with the Indian government to allow them to import refurbished iPhones to the country however has been unsuccessful up to now. however the law of the land permits any approved distributor to sell a refurbished phone as long because it was originally oversubscribed in Asian nation. So, marketing a refurbished iPhone isn’t any crime, however Amazon Asian nation (or its sellers) looks to be doing that stealthily.


Check out the listing screenshot on top of. this can be the primary listing you get once you explore for iPhone SE on With the official selling price around Rs 26,000, associate degreeyone eyeing an iPhone SE would possibly get excited watching Rs twenty,000 rating for an equivalent. Scroll down, and you may see the merchandise description to be correct, then comes the official details from the manufacturer and followed by specifications and assurance details. Yes, it will mention one year manufacturer assurance. All smart until currently.
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But wait.

Scroll back and appearance for the image deck. The end image says the merchandise is a component of Amazon “Renewed” program that has been tested and licensed to figure and appearance “like new”. And comes with 6-month restricted pledge. No simple thanks to understand World Health Organization is providing that restricted pledge. Apple? or Amazon? or the Seller? Anyway, the problem isn’t that. the first issue is it’s terribly simple for any prospective purchaser to miss this image whereas shopping for. As Twitter user, Sounava Ghosh, initial got wind, Amazon is doing a injury to its customers by NOT clearly marking the listings as Refurbished.

The Specifications and pledge section once more misleads by expression one year manufacturer pledge. And no, this isn’t associate isolated dishonorable listing for the Rose Gold iPhone SE 32GB solely. this can be the case for alternative iPhone SE models and additionally for the most recent iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 and models further.


Imagine paying Rs 70,000 to shop for the most recent iPhone solely to induce a refurbished piece from a 3rd party trafficker. this is often grossly dishonorable. the worth too is getting ready to what different retailers area unit marketing. as an instance, Flipkart is marketing a similar iPhone 8 and model for Rs 70,499. Why would anyone purchase a second hand and refurbished iPhone for simply Rs 800 less? if the worth is drastically less, you’d expect individuals to cross check if they’re shopping for a refurbished piece or not. however not during this case.

Again, I even have no problems with Amazon marketing refurbished iPhones. and that i don’t care if they sell them at costs terribly getting ready to what fresh iPhones value. however please create it clear to users before they purchase. however robust is it to create it clear right away? simply examine the method Amazon US marks certified refurbished iPhones.



We aren’t even sure if users can get a refurbished unit or a replacement unit after they purchase Associate in Nursing iPhone from the on top of links as there are not any separate listings for brand spanking new and refirbished (or renewed) units. It’s greatly potential that Amazon has suffered a “technical glitch” that has adscititious the ‘renewed’ image to any or all these listings. we are going to be reaching intent on Amazon for a clarification and update the post once we’ve got their reply. Please keep tuned.