The Very First Smart Devices to Receive Android Oreo According to Google

Devices to Receive Android Oreo

List of Phones to Get Android 8.0 Update Oreo

Android Oreo is launched by Google by 21st of August and the latest google OS; Android 8.0 will start arriving to many devices one by one and it is expected that the arrival success of Android Oreo will be bigger than Android Nougat which is also highly expected still but managed to arrive only to 13% of all the devices.

Below there are the companies that will first update their terminals
Updating a smartphone is not a simple process, although the size of the manufacturers should be, and for this it is necessary the collaboration between Google and the company that manufactures the terminal, which, in the end, is the one that has a greater responsibility on this .

In a recent statement, Google has said it is collaborating with a number of companies to expedite the update to Android 8.0 Oreo. Something that makes us very happy because updating to the latest version of Android can last for many months. Hopefully, for once, the promise to end fragmentation is true.

List of First Devices to Receive Android Oreo Update:

The companies that would be first to release Android Oreo are the followings;

General Mobile.
HMD (Nokia)

The presence of companies such as Sharp and Kyocera and the absence of other important companies such as OnePlus, which is the maximum expression in Android – along with the Pixel, of course – of the software’s care by the manufacturer is striking.