The update to Android 7.0 Nougat Samsung Galaxy S7 has been around the world for a few days, although the fact is that to date very few users had been able to test the new experience of Samsung under the last taste of Android, only those enrolled in Samsung’s beta testing program.

However, today we have good news, and is finally available for download and installation the official firmware based on Android 7.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and here you have the definitive manual that you were all looking for to update without you wait and in a simple way your brand new Galaxy S7, obviously without need of root.

Here are finally available for download and installation the official Samsung firmware that will upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Do you want to try it before anyone else? Follow us …
As we usually do in this type of guides, we recommend you read the entire procedure with extreme care and do nothing if you are not completely sure of what you are doing. It is a process that can turn a high-end smartphone into a very expensive paperweight, so be very careful.

Of course, do not worry because we will not do strange things and we will not need superuser permissions or anything like that, because it is an official procedure of the manufacturer made with the official firmware, which will leave your device updated to Android 7.0 in a way totally clean.

Sammobile Down Firm
Downloading the appropriate firmware


If you are not yet registered, the first thing to do is to get your own SamMobile account. This is very simple and is an essential step to access the download of the update, so enter the link and above to the right you will see a ‘JOIN’ button.

Follow the steps and once the account is activated you can log in and enter the firmwares section of SamMobile.

Finding all the available versions for a device is very simple, you only need to enter the code of the smartphone in the search engine and press the magnifying glass or ‘INTRO’. Remember, these are the models sold in our markets of the current Korean flagship:

Once you find your device you will see a screen similar to the one shown in the image above, and you should look for the firmwares destined for th market of the country of your choice, which are referred to as “India for example” in the “Select country” dropdown.

At the moment, unfortunately, only the UK (BTU) and Czech (O2C) versions are available, fully functional in all markets but with certain problems that you should know before making the decision to update or wait for the Spanish firmware .

The problem lies in the functionality of certain services that Samsung restricts according to the region, so you use a Spanish SIM with a firmware from another market you should know that Samsung Pay and Samsung Members will not work on your device, but everything else will move as always.

This obviously applies in the same way to the users who read us from the other side of the Atlantic, who should look for the corresponding firmware in each case.

It should be noted that this process will leave the device in an “official” state even if we change CSC, and we will only lose the aforementioned Samsung services. Once the PHE firmware  is available it can be installed in exactly the same way.

Well, knowing the details and making the decision, you will touch click on the version with the latest date, which you will see with Android 7 version and that has a compilation code G930FXXU1DPLT or G935FXXU1DPLT depending on whether it is the Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge respectively.



In the download screen you can get the files needed for the update by clicking on ‘REGULAR DOWNLOAD’ and waiting for about 30 seconds to activate the download. Be patient …

In addition, on the same page, you will find a mini-tutorial in perfect English that we will explain to you, but it will be a step to download directly the flashing tool, Odin v3.11, which you can also download with the link that the we just left

Updating the Samsung Galaxy S7 using Odin

Have you already downloaded the two compressed files? Come on, come on, let’s start unpacking both files, both Odin v3.11 and firmware, which will have five files inside:

Zip Rom
We start Odin and place each file in its place as shown in the image. Ojo, we are going to explain to you why we have left a file so pay attention, that this interests you:

AP: is the file that contains the image of the system, and must be added to the AP button of Odin.
BL: This image contains the bootloader of the new compilation, and it is added to the button BL of Odin.
CP: contains the modem and binaries related to the terminal radio, is added with the CP button of Odin.
CSC: This file contains the region and usage settings of the device, and in this case we can choose two files: “CSC” and “HOME_CSC”.
These two files have differences, and is that if we place the “CSC” the terminal will install Android 7.0 in clean, as factory image and deleting all our data. To perform the update while keeping the applications and data, we will need to enter the “HOME_CSC” and also have activated the option Safe Start in Settings> System> Lock Screen and Security> Safe Start.

We always recommend that this type of “deep” updates be made clean, but here the user chooses.

We already have all the files added to Odin, so you have to turn on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in bootloader mode, to do that completely turn off the terminal and then you have to start it by pressing and holding the ‘HOME + DOWNLOAD VOLUME + ON’ buttons at the same time.

Once in bootloader mode it touches to connect the terminal to the PC via USB, and wait if the drivers were not installed. Odin should mark in the upper left box an “ID: COM” when ready:

Odin Plugged In
Important before starting, we check here, in the options tab, that the “Re-Partition” button is not marked, and press the ‘START’ button:

Odin Options
Already, all ready, sit quietly and wait until the terminal restarts. Once you finish your part, Odin will indicate “all ok” and the terminal will turn off to restart, you can now unplug it from the computer.

Remember that yes, the first time it will take a while to light up, so be patient … and then tell us how you are going with the new Samsung experience on Android 7.0