Simple, Fun and Free Car Slide Puzzle Game for Android

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Today I will be sharing with you an Android game review of a newly released reskin block game; called Unblock Taxi. It is a simple yet highly entertaining game that can be downloaded on Google Play Store and it is completely free !! and definitely one of the best car slide puzzle games on the market!

This is not a paid post or an advertisement. This review contains my own, personal opinions of a simple Android block game that I liked very much.

This game has been developed by a highly dedicated and talented Turkish developer team formed by young entrepreneurs.

“I think people that are young and full of desire should be supported”


To speak frankly about, when you look at it at the end of the day it t is not rocket science.

It is just another simple block game in which the player struggles to take the taxi from the departure point and make it arrive in a final destination by completing the block puzzles correctly, putting them in the correct order and make the way right to the car BUT what makes this game special and differs it from the similar games of its own category is the super shiny images with very high resolution, the easy interface of the game which helps non-techie users to enjoy the game at a maximum level and the perfect coding that runs smoothly behind it so that the game does not freeze every couple of seconds.

In addition to all these features, the game is  completely free to download and play. Not only a couple of levels are free in order to make the new users get addicted to it and force them for in-game purchases.

It is completely free as far as you can go!

And lastly that would be unfair not to mention the satisfaction feeling of the cha -ching sound that you deserve every time you pick up a new star on your way!

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Block Games Are Not For Children Only!

As the title implies, the block puzzle games are not developed for children only. Although most of them are good choices for downloading to your child’s smart device which will make them spend a good moment while making a some kindda brain excercise, the block puzzle games are also very suitable for adult players who are looking for distraction but not a time consuming and addicting game that will make them stick on their phone-tablet and spend the rest of the day with it.

Furthermore, when you download it once, it is a game that can be kept playing offline too. The process you gain will not be updated until you go online but you still can keep enjoying it when you are taking a long metro trip on the way back to your home from work.

It would keep you entertained during the time you dont have access to your facebook, instagram and other social accounts or any other internet site at all!

So why not give a try now?

Try it and you will not regret it. It does not cost you a penny neither it occupies a significant space on your smart device.

I hope you will enjoy even more than I think you definitely will..

Here is the demo of the Unblock Taxi Game;