The Android 8.1 long-standing bug, finally to fix

For handheld Google son of Pixel, Pixel 2 XL users, June is expected to have a good news, is troubling them for a long time of system bug seems important to repair, is really like big rush ah.

Although Google has released new Android P developer preview, but for the official version of the latest Android 8.1, many models such as Pixel kiss the son met multi-touch bugs, in some cases cannot achieve multi-touch function, or touch point recognition error, lead to function failure.Some users are reflected in the game and view the pictures, but Google has not repaired, until now the latest version of the firmware still exists the problem.

Fortunately, Google finally heard the user feedback, built in the AOSP “Fix resampling for multiple Pointers” project, should be used to repair the multi-touch this bug, but Google every time to repair and security patches at the same time push measures, so are likely to be until June the Android 8.1 users can get rid of the annoying bug.